Rainbow Beaded Pride Flowers

I love rainbows! for me, nothing is as colourful, or cheerful, as spotting a rainbow in the distance. There is always a sense of childhood nostalgia when I see one. I was an adventurous child; always chasing after fairy tales. Whether you simply enjoy rainbows, or supporting the Pride Movement, these flowers are for you! Here you will find everything rainbow.

I’m always looking for new ideas, and inspiration. Have a suggestion, or something you’d like to see? If I receive a design suggestion, and I use it; I will credit you!

The first rainbow items I made was a Pride Rose. “Pride” was a custom order; pictures of rainbow-dyed roses were circulating online. I’d recently made a beaded rose piece called “Sunshine”, which features a yellow gradient pattern in the petals. The client asked if I could do a rose with a rainbow gradient. It was a wonderful challenge, and I reveled in it!

Since then, I’ve created other Pride designs, some to support the Pride Community, or their events. These items are available for sale year-round, not just during Pride Month! Certain pieces in this gallery below were custom-ordered, or event specific; they are not for sale. If leftover stock is ever available from a previous event; I’ll list the information here. Keep in mind that all items are made-to-order, so excess stock is rarely on hand.

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