Sparkling Wolf Creations

Sparkling Wolf Creations

Hi, I’m Alisha Jondreau. I’m an artist living in Powassan Ontario. I’m fortunate enough to live in a rural area with few neighbours, and surrounded by a forest. It’s a small property, but teeming with wildlife; I wake up to hear birds, or simply the wind in the trees. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I create beaded artwork using a variety of techniques, and I also like to work with polymer clay. In my spare time I relax by working in my colouring books, playing video games, and roaming outside. I also enjoy drawing anime-themed desktop wallpapers, and having a snuggle with my dogs, Tahki and Diamond.

French beaded trillium bouquet with beaded pine branches

“Northern Pride” was shown in the NOVAH gallery’s inaugural show, July 2018

Custom-Ordered Beadwork

I love doing custom work! Here you will find custom designed items ordered by clients. I love creating an item someone else has envisioned. It’s a challenge I live for.

Gallery Pieces and Collections

Welcome to my gallery page! Here you will find individual items, and collections that have shown in a gallery or at an exhibition.

Rainbow Beaded “Pride” Flowers

I love rainbows! The first rainbow item I made was a Pride Rose. I’d recently made a “Sunshine” rose which featured a yellow gradient pattern. The client asked if I could do a rainbow gradient. It was a wonderful challenge, and I reveled in it!

Dragon Eggs

When I started playing with polymer clay, I meant it to be a hobby. As I became more comfortable with this medium, I eventually started making dragon eggs as gifts to friends and family.