About the Artist: Alisha Jondreau

Fascinated by First Nation Heritage

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, I grew up fascinated with my Native heritage. My grandparents encouraged me to learn about the family’s roots. and participate in their traditions. When I was 13, I learned bead embroidery used for regalia making. This complicated, and intricate art sparked a passion in me I hadn’t experienced before. I’ve always loved art. Painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, I loved it ALL, but bead work was different.

French Beading

There were a few years, in my teens, where I had taken a break from beading. At 20 yrs old, I picked up the bead work again. One year later, I came across a picture of a “French Beaded” flower, it was love at first sight! Since then I’ve learned several methods to make beaded flowers, bonsai trees, various bugs/insects, leaves and birds.

Alisha and her husband Geoff Photo by Jenn Tennant

Me and Geoff on our wedding day

Becoming a Professional Artist

I had never attempted to sell my work in any way; often I simply gave away my work, or made items as gifts. Friends and loved ones tried to convince me to sell my work for years, but I suffer from severe anxiety disorder. Anxiety held me back from even TRYING, until one day in 2016.

My health was suffering, I was sick, and I couldn’t work. Geoff (my husband) said “If you can’t work, be an artist!”. To the delight of my friends and loved ones, I decided to take his advice (after years of careful and persistent pushing from all the people around me). A year and a half later I started Sparkling Wolf Creations.

My health has improved, and although my anxiety is still a challenge, it’s become less of a struggle.

Now I’m doing something I love. I enjoy drawing inspiration from Mother Nature herself, people around me, and my heritage. Whether I’m creating my own designs from my imagination, or recreating something from my environment, the inspiration is endless.