Gallery Pieces and Collections

Welcome to my gallery page! Here you will find pieces that have been shown in a gallery, or at an exhibition event. Although I make beaded leaves and flowers, these pieces are much more than just a beautiful bouquet.

I find inspiration in my surroundings, nature, cultural heritage, events in my life, and the lives of people around me. All of these things inspire me to create pieces that tell a story. Some pieces will a simple tale, easy to read in the artwork. Other items are more subtle, and will require more contemplation.

Sometimes I’ll create pieces following a specific theme. For example “Northern Pride”, the bouquet of pine boughs and trilliums pictured below, appeared at the NOVAH gallery in North Bay, Ontario (July 2018). This was my first gallery appearance! The theme of the show was “Our Northern Landscape”. The inspiration for this piece came from my property. We have a wooded lot, and we’re fortunate to have plenty of trilliums.

Gallery exhibits will often follow a theme, but there are specific groups of items I consider part of a collection. Collections are a specific group of pieces, which work together to create a larger story/concept. A collection of pieces will often belong to a wider theme.

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