Dragon Eggs

When I started playing with polymer clay, I meant it to be a hobby. I wanted something I could use to make (and finish) a small project in a day — but sometimes my ambition gets the better of me. As I became more comfortable with this medium, I eventually started making dragon eggs as gifts to friends and family. These eggs take approximately a day and a half to complete. Larger eggs can take 2-3 days.

If you were to look at a handful of these dragon eggs, you would realize they are NOT a uniform shape or size. The average egg contains a real, blown chicken egg inside. (A blown egg is one that’s had the yoke blown out through a small hole in the shell.)

After the egg is emptied I clean it out, and bake the egg to ensure nothing is left inside. These eggs then provide the base! Some dragon eggs appear larger, or smaller. Those eggs contain a base made by hand out of something other than a real egg. This allows me to create the specific size I’m looking for.

To design a dragon egg, I ask you a series of questions. You tell me what colours you’d like, the size, and choose the pattern inside the scales on the eggs. Some dragon eggs contain small amounts of micro glitter, or metallic pigments. These eggs are a personalized item, and meant to reflect the owner’s personality, or interests.

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