Blog Writing: A New Bloggers Agony

When being a new blogger goes horribly wrong!

Starting up a business includes so many “small” details that we never stop to think about. There’s websites, social media, events, blogging and more. It’s been a challenge, but nothing has been as difficult as writing a blog! I’m new to blog writing; the interesting articles, opinions, and stories I’ve read, seem to come from the writers with ease! When the topic of blogging came up; I thought to myself “It can’t be that bad, I like writing…” I was wrong.

In my attempt to write a blog, I’ve developed a new found respect for the seasoned blogger. Attempting to balance topics, with reader interest requires literary ninja skills I have yet to learn! I come up with a topic, and it seems too serious. Another seemed simple at the start, “humour is easy right? I have lots of funny things happen to me while I’m working!” It turned into this dominating, intimidating mountain of work. “Hmmm let’s put that over there for now..”

Writing a blog gets easier right? Please say yes!

Ultimately I end back at square one, and agonizing over what to write. It’s important that a reader feels they’re getting to know me (that’s what I hear, and read). What does that actually mean though? Do people want to know I’m a geek? That I have a soft squishy side and a side that isn’t so cuddly? Do readers genuinely¬†want to hear about my “Top 5 Favourite Celebrities”? Would they rather read something personal, a more intimate look at me? With so many options available; I’m not sure how bloggers make the decision on a regular basis!

I’m sure writing a blog will get easier with practice (at least i’m praying it does!). I can’t say when it will; I know I’ll need a few under my belt before I notice a difference. Until then, all I can do is roll the die, cross my fingers, and keep trying!