Sparkling Wolf Creations: New Beginnings

The origin of Sparkling Wolf Creations is quite the story. I have been creating beaded flowers for approximately 15 years now, but not professionally. In 2016 my health had been steadily declining for several years. I reached a point where I would not be able to work a normal job, something I had been working towards for years, because of other health conditions. Geoff (my spouse) suggested I start selling my work, something he and my friends had been pushing me to do for years, and that I stubbornly refused to do. He said “If nothing else, you could make enough money to keep you working on projects…”. He had a point.

So, I started to sell my work. Making money on a few smaller pieces provided me with the finances to plan other, larger; projects. Although I had never made a lot of custom items before (aside from for friends and family), I found I genuinely enjoyed it! There was a particular challenge to creating an item that another person had dreamed up. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that this was what I wanted to do!

Help from the most unexpected places.

My bridal bouquet. Photo by Jenn Tenant

A year and a half later in Dec. 2017; we were planning our wedding, and started working with a wonderful wedding-planning service called Heart to Heart Celebrations. I had invited friends and family to the wedding who had serious allergies, so while we were in a planning session, Heart to Heart asked if flowers were going to be a problem for my guests. My answer was simple: “No, I’m making my own bouquets”.

A few weeks before; i had beaded a sample bouquet to check its weight, find any problems, and plan the size well before the wedding. I showed the picture of my experiment to the members of Heart to Heart. They were excited. and offered to promote my work to their clients, as something special and unusual they could add to their wedding. That’s the moment Sparkling Wolf Creations was born! I now work with clients one-on-one, to create custom made, one-of-a-kind items. you can contact me directly, through Heart to Heart, or through Rooted Weddings.