Policy and Committee Information

Payment Policy:

We can arrange payment plans for larger items/projects, if needed. After the deposit is received, I can begin to work on the commission. You can pay with cash, money order, e-transfers, or Paypal. Our policy does not allow for cheques.

Deposits Required:

I require a deposit for ALL custom orders. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on the project costs. Deposits pay for the materials needed to start working on the project.  ALL deposits are non-refundable.

Refund/Return Policy:

Sparkling Wolf Creations does not accept returns on damaged items. We do NOT accept responsibility for damages during shipping. Deposits are non-refundable.


Beaded flowers/items can be heavy. If you require shipping, I will be happy to discuss options with you. Delivery is available, depending on your location. Additional costs may apply for delivert. We do not accept responsibility for damage during shipping.

Care/Maintenance of Your Beaded Artwork:

Sparkling Wolf Creations will include instructions for care and maintenance of your artwork. With proper care, your items should stay beautiful for a lifetime. Services are available for a small fee to clean and maintain your art piece. Additional materials charges may apply, if needed for repairs.

Non-Profit, Charity or Committee Fundraising Events:

Contact me if you’re looking for a donation of an item for a fundraiser. I will work with your group to come up with an item you can resell, auction off, etc. These items are provided at a discounted price. Sparkling Wolf Creations will sometimes donate items to committees, non-profits, and charities. I MUST consider an item “small”, or “single” to qualify for donation. Please contact me directly as early as possible before your event. Only once I have received a deposit, or payment in advance, will I begin work. I DO NOT have “extra” stock on hand.

Thank You!

Please contact me to place your order!