Custom-Ordered Beadwork

I love doing custom work! My favourite phrase is “I’m not sure if you can, but can you make me ________?” Challenge accepted!

On this page you will find custom-designed items ordered by a client. I love creating an item someone else has envisioned. It’s the kind of challenge I live for. I can create an item for as low as $15.00 (within reason — the average cost of a single small flower starts at $15.00).

There are a few things to keep in mind. First, I need to know what you’re looking for: how large of an item, your time frame, and what supplies I need to create it.

Second, I need to know your budget. I can suggest adjustments to ensure your item is within your budgeted amount. If you have budgeted more than the item costs, you will get a range of options. including the option to leave the order “as is”, under budget. Once I receive the deposit, I will give you the date to expect your item (generally 4-8 weeks depending on size).

If you would like a custom created/designed piece for that special someone, an event, or simply for your own personal art collection; contact me! I would love the opportunity to work with you.

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